Kitchen Talks

Working together to raise each child

At Walhampton we passionately believe in the African proverb 'It takes a village to raise a child.' The sharing of knowledge, experiences and family stories will often provide the reassurance that we are on the right pathway of this uncharted journey.

Our programme of 'Kitchen Talks' are designed to be discussions with a small group around the kitchen table. Parents with children of all ages are invited to learn new skills to help with parenting and understand more about the challenges we all face raising children.

Until we are able to invite you back to our Little Kitchen (a relaxed family style kitchen in the heart of the school) we are holding these events virtually via Zoom - from our kitchen to yours!


So what shall we chat about?

Spring Term

  • 8pm on Wednesday 10th March - Helping your children to build resilience, with Lorraine Lee - Lorraine has a background in Child Psychology, Positive Parenting Training and Child Development. She is incredibly passionate about giving children and young people the best chances possible. Booking form here.

  • POSTPONED, date tbc - Help! There's a classroom in my kitchen! with Fiona Walker - an opportunity for a light-hearted discussions about the challenges of parenting in a pandemic - more details and booking form here.

  • Date tbc - How to help your children develop an enquiring mind and a desire to explore ideas, with Mary Lawson and Jonny Timms - learn more about our Philosophy for Children programme and how you can support your child at home.

Summer Term

  • 9.30am on Tuesday 11th May - Helping your child to become a problem solver, with Lorraine Lee.

  • Date tbc - Basic first aid, with Jemma Rae

Previous Sessions

Understanding Online Safety with Lorraine Lee

Lorraine Lee 27 02 2020 - Safety Online Prep & Pre Prep.pdf