Internet Legends Family Challenge

How much does your family know about online safety? Win prizes for our school with The Legends Family Challenge!

The Legends Family Adventure is a three-part animated series following a family of Internauts through Interland. It was developed by Google and Parent Zone as part of the Be Internet Legends programme — helping children to be safer and more confident online.

When Lumen’s bear goes missing, her whole family must brave Interland to get it back. Along the way, the family learns lessons from the Legends Code — including helpful tips on what to do with cyberbullies, how to spot scams and set strong passwords, as well as important lessons on kindness. And, Lumen discovers she’s stronger and braver than she ever thought she could be.

Once you've watched the films, it is time to test your family's online safety knowledge by entering The Legends Family Challenge, proving your legendary status and maybe even winning some prizes for our school along the way.

You can find out more about the free family resources from The Be Internet Legends programme below: