Wish List

The Walhampton Wish List

Over the years, the WPA has helped fundraise for some wonderful resources for our school. Items have included:

Purchases for and Landscaping outside the new 'Little Kitchen'.

The Outdoor Classroom,

The Pre-Prep ‘Potting Shed Library’

Four canoes

A maypole!

Since 2018 generous parent donations and WPA funds have funded:

The science garden

The butterfly breeding programme

Comfy chairs for the library

The Italian Garden

Riding poles & jumps

Coding robots

The Slide on the Faraway Tree donated by the 2018 Yr 8 & Yr 6 leavers and WPA funds.

Fundraising for the school is a greatly valued part of the role of the WPA. The fund should benefit as many in the school as possible and money raised is specifically for projects that cannot be covered by school fees, but enhance the children's experience at school.

The 2021 Wish List will be launched soon!