Wish List

The Walhampton Wish List

The Wish List is a list of resources for the school requested by parents or teachers and is paid for from the WPA’s fundraising efforts.

Fundraising for the school is a greatly valued part of the role of the WPA. The fund should benefit as many in the school as possible and money raised is specifically for projects that cannot be covered by school fees, but enhance the children's experience at school.

This year we are delighted to have funded:

New Bell Tent for the Pre-Prep

Two much needed concertina Cricket Nets

Lighting Deck for the PAC that enables children to become more involved in the backstage production of performances. 

Over the years, the WPA has also helped fundraise for some wonderful resources. Items have included:

The Wellbeing Hub: an outdoor area, designed to help support Walhampton's physical and mental health provision as a dedicated relaxed space

The Laser Cutter

External landscaping for the new 'Little Kitchen' and kitchen supplies

The Outdoor Classroom

The Pre-Prep ‘Potting Shed Library’

Four canoes

A maypole!


We have also contributed to parental donations, and since 2018 generous parent donations and WPA funds have funded:

The outdoor table tennis tables (donated by the 2021 Yr 8 & Yr 6 leavers and WPA funds)

The science garden

The butterfly breeding programme

Comfy chairs for the library

The Italian Garden

Riding poles & jumps

Coding robots

The Slide on the Faraway Tree (donated by the 2018 Yr 8 & Yr 6 leavers and WPA funds).


If you have any questions, requests or would like to make a donation please contact us wpa@walhampton.com

Pre Prep Wooden Playboat

A perfect piece of outdoor play equipment for our Preprep for all budding sailors and imaginative pirates

This would go in the empty space in the Preprep playground where the old boat was sited.

Cost: £630

Assault Course

We have identified a course with plenty of natural elements already there including, logs,  trees and natural obstacles and the route would follow the natural stream/ditch.

It would require is some large concrete pipes placed in certain sections, rope netting for belly crawling under and a high wooded wall to scramble over.

This would be used for all years as a fun form of alternative cross country and we would propose an annual event: 'The Ultimate Walhampton Mud Run'

Cost: £500


Four High Powered portable and rechargeable sports floodlights with three hours runtime. These would be primarily for the Astro but could be used in other areas as needed, for example, winter productions, fireworks night and other outdoor events.

Total cost: £2000

Mega Sandpit

It would be great to have a large sand pit which could be any size but as big as possible! This picture is from an insert for the school prospectus in the 60s - the sandpit is on the right hand side. The sandpit could host many amazing structures from marble runs to castles and spaceships.

It would need a wooden frame and a cover.

New Milton Sand and Ballast can deliver play sand at £49 per bag for just under a cubic metre.

Total cost would depend on size.

Covered Chill Out Zone

A permanent open structure with canopy to be located the Y8 teepee is located (opposite the pool). It's almost an unused area and if it is raining it would be the perfect shelter for either breaktimes or for classes without having to go to the outdoor classroom by the lakes e.g. art time or library time.

It would also be perfect for match teas with visiting teams and could be utilised for many summer events.

Total cost: £4000