Second Hand Uniform Shop

The WPA runs a very successful Second Hand Uniform Shop with the profits shared between the two charities and the School Wish List.

Usually this is held in the PAC from 08:15 - 09:00. Every other Wednesday (Covid permitting):

Currently the shop is closed by will be open, by appointment only, in the Easter break. Please refer to parents letters for timings and booking information.


  • To donate items please complete a donation form

  • Please ensure all donations of uniform are clean and in good condition.

  • All donations must be tagged. Tags can be obtained from Vicky Candy or Sarah Fisher.

  • Items will be checked and priced by us.

  • Any items which have holes or obvious stitching, or that are deemed to be too badly worn, will be given to charity shops.

  • Unfortunately once a purchase has been made, we are unable to accept returns.

Other information

  • We are also open alongside the pre-prep coffee mornings, which are held (Covid permitting) on the last Monday of each month in the PAC.

  • If you have any urgent requirements between these dates, please email us on We will endeavour to help you.

  • A reduced cost ‘bargain bucket’ for some of the more worn items (which would be perfect for spares).

  • The cost of all items bought at the second-hand shop are added to your next school bill. Cash will no longer be needed.

  • Any money owed to you for items sold will be refunded to your school bill.

  • For items sold by leavers, on notification of the sale, the parent can pop in and collect the cash if they are local or a bank transfer is done. However if items have not sold after six months they will be classified as donations.

  • Money raised by items sold is split 50:50 between yourself and the school charities. If you prefer, you can choose to donate the entire amount to the charities. Sale of blazers are split 80:20 to parents due to their high cost.

We’d like to thank you very much for your continued support of the second-hand shop and all your generous stock donations.

If you have any questions, please email us on

Liz, Amy and the WPA Team.