We were delighted to offer our range of Walhampton merchandise for sale.

To give you an idea of what we have, the items and costs for the collection are listed below.

Please email to place an order.

Walhampton Reusable Coffee Mug

Cost £8.00 each.

Item code 110

Mug - Large

Cost £8.00

Item code 102

Mug - Small

Cost £6.00

Item code 103

Walhampton 'Recipe For Happiness' Tea Towel

Cost £8.00 each

Item code 104

Walhampton Canvas Bag

Cost £7.00 each

Item code 101

Walhampton Colouring Pencils

Cost £4.50 each

Item code 106

Walhampton Family Cookbook

Cost £5.00 each

Item code 108