We are delighted to launch our range of Walhampton merchandise available for sale this half term.

The items and costs are listed below.

Orders can be placed using this order form up until Friday 19 March. The total cost of your order will be added to your next school bill. We'll aim to distribute orders by the end of this term or, in the case of Preprep and Yr 3 self portrait tea towels, at the beginning of the summer term.

If you have any questions, please email

Walhampton Canvas Bag

Cost £5.00 each.

Item code 101

New Mug Design - Large

Cost £8.00

Item code 102

New Mug Design - Small

Cost £6.00

Item code 103

Walhampton 'Recipe For Happiness' Tea Towel

Cost £8.00 each

Item code 104

Pre prep and Yr 3 Colour Tea Towel

Cost £9.00 each

Item code 105

Walhampton Colouring Pencils

Cost £4.50 each

Item code 106

Walhampton Yoyo

Cost £4.50 each

Item code 107

Walhampton Family Cookbook

Cost £5.00 each

Item code 108

Old Style Mug - Small

Cost £8.00 each

Item code 109