'SPARK' Enrichment Curriculum

Welcome to our 'SPARK' page!  

What is SPARK?

SPARK is our new enrichment curriculum with activities grouped into strands:

Society & service

Play & train

Adventure & exploration

Radical enrichment

Kindle & Create

All the usual fun activities which pupils are used to (such as flags and pottery) will be included along with many more! The activities will take place within curriculum time by Walhampton staff at no extra cost to parents.   

Please click here to view the range of activities on offer.


SPARK sessions will take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for Years 5 - 8 and Monday and Thursday for Years 3 & 4 between 1600 and 1700.  The programme is compulsory for all pupils with the exception of Year 3, for which it is optional.  Year 3 pupils may be collected at 1545 if they choose not to participate in the SPARK sessions.  A sign up sheet for Year 3 pupils will be sent out soon.

Pupils can be collected at 1700 and minibuses will leave at this time.  However, between 1700 and 1745 there will be the option of staying at school for a prep session supervised by teaching staff (free of charge).  There will also be a few 'paid for' extra curricular activities with external coaches between 1700 and 1745.  Any pupils needing to stay at school after 1745 can remain at school until 1830 and have supper with boarders (for an additional charge).


How will it work? Pupils will be allocated to a group and assigned to an activity for half a term.  They will rotate between activities on a half termly basis covering each strand of SPARK over the course of the year.   Some pupils will be taken out of this rotation on certain days if they are involved in sports academies, play rehearsals or orchestra (other music ensembles take place at break or lunch times).  Separate communications will be sent to parents of pupils involved in these.  Pupils will find out which group they are in on the first day of term.

The rotas for each year group for the first half of the Autumn Term are below:

Juniors' rota (Years 3 & 4)

Middles' rota (Years 5 & 6)

Seniors' rota (Years 7 & 8)

 Please contact our Head of Enrichment, Simon Westerman (s.westerman@walhampton.com) , should you have any queries.