The PSB is a framework that our curriculum sits within. At the heart of the PSB is the development of the knowledge, skills attitudes and values required for children to succeed and flourish in an ever-changing world. Children are encouraged, recognised and celebrated in their achievements, and directly prepared for the next step of their educational journey.

The PSB...

• Encourages implicit skills and characteristicsto be made more explicit.

• Increases opportunity to teach and celebrate key life skills.

• Enables a more holistic approach.

• Provides dedicated time for tutoring.

• Has six core skills incorporated into teaching, feedback and reports.

• Will retain the best of the Common Entrance curriculum, but adapt where appropriate (as we have already done in the Humanities).

• Has a 10 Point assessment scale.

Core Skills

The 6 Core skills are at the heart of the PSB Framework.

PSB Reporting

The PSB uses the a 10-point scale, where Expected grades are moderated against PSB...

PP_Skills Grids.pdf

Skills Grids

Each Section in the school works from their Skills Grid. These grids break the 6 Core Skills into detailed statements and evolve as the students go up through the school.